Non-chromatic sequencing via Ableton Live?

edited August 2017 in General

I'm running Brendan's latest firmware and I recently incorporated Live back into my setup as more than just an audio recorder. When I try to sequence from Live using an External Instrument set to MIDI Channel 1, I just get chromatic playing of the single voice that's selected via the Voice key on the machine. Others have talked about sequencing the machine where Voice1 = -C1, V2 = -C#1, V3 = -D, V4 = D#, etc. like a typical Drum Rack layout within Live.

Am I just missing a setting?


  • From more reading it seems that a fundamental change in Brendan's firmware is that each voice is addressable via it's individual assigned MIDI channel instead of the Global channel. I just made a default drum rack where individual keys were assigned to their respective MIDI channels on the machine and it works perfectly.

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