screen gibberish

can anyone help regarding a screen showing just gibberish. This has happened a lot before and I have looked around, soldered anew, re soldered points and for a while I had no problems but last week after some extensive usage I turned off thhen the next day just pure gibberish on the screen. sound is ok however.tried different so card and am running it from a 9v 1 a power supply.

any help would be greatly appreciated. I am practically at the end of my tether with this machine.


  • This is regarding the lxr drum synth by the way! :blush:
  • Thanks for reading. The problem seems to be because of the erica synths metal case. Whenever the synth is in the case the screen problems always occur, then when I take it out they seem to stop or at least occur less regularly. Any thoughts? has anyone else had this?

  • youre probably shorting the pins on the bottom of the case when installed..

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