New LXR kit build - where's the firmware at??? Is this site dead?

The manual/ build docs refer to a factory ""... which is now nowhere to be found. Is this old information? If it is...then could we PLEASE have it updated???
The only firmware file I can find or keep getting directed to is the GitHub firmware version 0.37 - which I have loaded and booted with.
Many of the links I try to follow now result in a 404 not found they're gone
So I wonder if there are other files I should be able to find - which I'm guessing will include samples I keep reading about in the Forum?

I have ONLY loaded the SD Card with the latest FIRMWARE.BIN. LXR reads the card ok, confirms success. On reboot, I have a message "Kit Read error". All lights and buttons function, encoders function, display is good - but I have no audio out of any jack....suspecting that kit read error is the source of the trouble.

What files have to be loaded to make this work? And where are they?


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