New to LXR - some questions


I have just purchased an LXR that has the Brendan's custom firmware installed. It's in the post and I can't wait to start playing with the machine this week. I have a new IMac retina, a focusrite saffire pro soundcard and Ableton Live 9.5.

I just have a couple of questions. Which I didn't see in the manual.

1) is it best to use TRS or TS cables for the audio out going into the sound card? I understand that the outputs can be 4 x mono or 2 x stereo. Am I able to route kick & Snare to mono and the other voices to stereo?

2) Can I sync the LXR to ableton just via USB straight into the Mac. Or do I need to use midi cables?

Many thanks


  • hi and welcome

    1 ) I use TS cable for audio out (unbalanced) and didn't notice any buzz or hiss in sound.
    You can output every single voice as you want in any stereo or mono out.

    2) I sync it with MIDI cables to other gear (rc 505 looper as master) , but in the settings menu you can route everything as you want ... USB Midi interface will work directly with ableton

    Hope it helps.. Cheers ...

  • Thank you, that's just what I wanted to know. Much appreciated :-)
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