Questions about Saves and Loads on Brendan v 0.37

Hi all I start this new thread in order to be sure of what and how I'm saving my work on LXR

Can you tell me if I'm right ?

Save Kit : Saves only Kit , and mixer values , but no MIDI channels out ?

Save Pattern : Saves 8 patterns , and tweaks like pattern scale function SCA x2 x4 etc... ?

Save Perform : Save Kit , patterns, and PERF options ( pattern chain, macro, roll, shuflle, etc.. ? )

Save ALL : save Perform and Global Settings (tempo, midi RXF TXF etc.. ) ?

as I want to be sure i save every project under its name : it means 4 savings to get kit, pattern, perform and all ...
everything fine ?

But Is it enough to load only the ALL file and recall a full "song" ?

Other questions if I use external samples : I save a Kit using samples ... at next startup when I load the samples, will the kit load properly or do I have to assign them again ?

And one more : Is there a way to save and load the mute status of the 7 tracks ? is this in PERF file or only in ALL file ?


  • I just use ALL for saving my tracks. This reloads all settings including mute states. I am not shure about samples. I haven't used them so far. :)

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