LXR Naked Acrylic Case Build Report + Notes + .dwg/.dxf files

Hi people,

So instead of buying the enclosure from the Sonic Potions store, I decided to build my own case using a laser cutter. I'm posting here to help others who might want to do this too.

Pretty pictures and notes on future improvements: https://imgur.com/gallery/OzdXA. Imgur somehow screwed up the order of images and added duplicates but its all there.

.dwg and .dxf files that I used: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9J1kIM0I2BxbTBjSVJlNUxrdHM

Because of a maze of download references that led to 404's on this forum I had to base my design on the .eps files that are available in the wiki. In order to be able to edit the design in AutoCAD I converted the .eps vector file to a .dxf file using an online converter: https://cloudconvert.com/eps-to-dxf. The resulting .dxf file does not scale correctly however and I couldn't find any information about the size of the case on the forums. Turns out that .eps files do scale correctly in Adobe Illustrator, so I was able to measure the size of the case by opening the original .eps in Illustrator and then applied a scaling factor on the entire design in AutoCAD. For future reference: the width of the case in my design is about 275.2mm, depth is 143.0mm and height is 42.1mm.

If you want to use the original Sonic Potions design with the original silkscreen then I suggest repeating my steps with the converter and scaling in AutoCAD. You might have to add a window to the design however, one that's bigger than the window cutout that is included in some of the .eps files due to the height of the display.

The material I used is 3mm clear acrylic.

The amount of different bolts etc. needed can be confusing so here is a list of the things I used to assemble the case:
4x M3 10mm standoff (similar to https://www.reichelt.de/?ACTION=3;ARTICLE=7017;SEARCH=da 10)
13x M3 29mm standoff (similar to https://www.reichelt.de/?ACTION=3;ARTICLE=7122;SEARCH=di 30mm)
4x M3 hex nut (for assembling the sides)
4x M3 10mm bolt (for assembling the sides)
21x M3 5mm bolt (13x for the bottom plate spacers and 9x for attaching spacers to the PCB)
4x M3 5mm bolt (black bolts that fasten the faceplate to the PCB standoffs on the front)

Look in the assembly guide on the website for more information.

If you have any questions I'll try to answer them!


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    Heyy man, that is a very nice piece of work :)
    You said you feel that the buttons are a bit too deep in the case, what could be done to overcome this? using a 2mm instead?

    Also, how long did the laser cutting lasted? I am trying to see if it is cheaper to do it your way instead of buying the available case.

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