Sequencing LXR from Another Sequencer

Hi All,

Just built a couple LXR units and loving them so far. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is sequencing from external gear. I am using a Pyramid and I want to play the individual drum sounds but instead, I can only trigger and change pitch of the first drum sound instead of just triggering each sound individually. Is there a setting I need to adjust?


  • It's in the mixer page for the patch. You will need to assign the right note to each voice. I'd love to see this as a global setting...

  • Hey, I use a Pyramid to control my gear. Contemplating buying an LXR. Would be interested to know your experience of using the two units in tandem. I'm thinking I will likely do a mixture of patterns programmed on the LXR and stuff programmed inside the pyramid. I read you can change patterns over CC so would expect to use the pyramid to jump between them.

    Did you get your issue sorted? Are the two machines playing nicely together?

    Anyone else on the forum use a Pyramid+LXR?


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