buy acryl case where

hey together where exactly can I buy an acryl case. in the shop there is nothing you could put into his shopping basket. who has a link for me. Many Thanks.


  • Hey samyjur. The acrylic cases are sold out and we've taken them out of the shop completely, sorry.
    If you're lucky you can buy one second hand from someone who switched to another enclosure.

  • mhh okay thanks for the reply. It is very difficult to bend the leds to the metal case. Because I unfortunately already soldered?

  • the design files for the acryl case are in the wiki. So you could get them made from a service like ponokop or formulor. We just sold way too little to justify keeping them in stock.

    The metal case comes with lightpipes, so normally the LEDs should be mounted flat on the pcb and only the lightpipes go through the case.

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