Updating firmware issues

Hello everyone

I'm really struggling I I hope someone can help.

A brief history:

I bought the LXR about a month ago and it came with an SD card with Brendan's custom firmware already on it. Everything was working just fine for the last 3 weeks. Then when i decided to start saving patterns and sounds within the LXR I somehow managed to wipe everything off it.

My next step was to reformat the card, drag and drop the SD card image along with Brendan's custom firmware.bin. Whenever I tried to reboot on the machine it starts updating fine, the chase lights are running but then it freezes and the screen goes blank.

I read somewhere that the LXR doesn't like FAT 16 cards so I went out and bought a 4gb card that I could use and format to FAT32. Unfortunately i'm still getting the same issue. The LXR freezes half way through the reboot process. It says sd card okay, updating......... 1/2, updating 2/2 and then freezes.

I'm driving myself mad. Incidentally the LXR seems to be actually working okay. Kits 1-30 are on there and it seems to have normal functionality

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks

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