Timing problem when syncing LXR Sequencer with ableton live

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Hey there! New LXR user here. The first two days I explored the machine itself, now i want to sync with ableton live via Midi. So, looks like it works, i've added an external instrument that triggers the LXR via Midi. Start stop, Clock, playing the LXR via Midiclip from live - everything ok.
But when i programm notes from the LXR's own sequencer, the timing is way too slow, so the notes played are audible like nearly a quater note too late. Any suggestions?



  • Sounds like your latency in Live is bad. Are you running the LXR into an audio interface and listening via Ableton?
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, i'm running the LXR into my RME Fireface and listen via Ableton Live. The interesting thing is, that i'm running several hardware synths, which are perfectly in sync. Even some synths have internal sequencers that are fine. So i'm wondering about the LXR sequencer is that wrong. I can't even solve the timing by the hardware latency settings in live. I don't understand it, something is wrong :)
    When i'm triggering single notes from the drumrack --> lxr everything is in time. So something gets wrong when the lxr sequencer is used, like it has it's own delay or so?!

  • Okay, I checked some more things. So, when playing quarternotes via drumrack everything is perfectly in sync. When starting the lxr sequencer via start/stop from ableton live it's not in sync. Then i can stop the sequencer via the play knob on the lxr and launch it in time manually. But that's not pretty intuitive or even suitable for live sets.
    So i guess there is something wrong with the start message via live. Any ideas?

  • I solved it. There is an hardware latency setting (ext. instrument) for the audio signal and an extra midi-sync setting for midi-sync messages in live. Adjusted both, everything is fine now, yeah!

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