re-606 cpu - any news?

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just wondering: is there any news on the eagerly awaited re-606 cpu?

regardless of whether the actual re-606 tr-606 clone project is ever going to be realized (not sure that there is a big enough markte for it - after all, vintage tr-606s are not particularly rare and not nearly as expensive as tb-303s), i'm sure there is an enormous demand for an affordable cpu upgrade for existing tr-606s. the quicksilver 606 upgrade is just way too expensive. but a re-606 cpu by sonic potions for, say, 100 euro? i'd definitely take two and upgrade both my tr-606s...


  • First prototype arrived a few days ago to test the hardware, I finally found an affordable tr-606 for testing, but the software is still far from finished. currently mostly working on the new modules and had a lot of problems with the frontpanel manufacturer there. . Gotta finish the existing projects before I really start something new ;)

  • oh, i could have lent you one of my 606s for testing.
    anyway, good to know that it's still happening, even if it's delayed a bit...
    and if you need beta testers at some later point - just let me know. :)

  • na better to have one here. I don't like butchering other peoples synths and it's also good to have an original unit here for later if any unforseens problems or bugs arise ;)

  • yeah, it's always nice to have a 606, anyway.

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