Trigger extention code to gate mode?

is it possible to rewrite code for trigger extention pack, to get out GATE from every drum channel? gate lenght could be moduled with some value of AEG button, lets say sustain.. so in this case lxr coud function for external gear not only like trigger sequencer but also as gate sequencer?
any ideas, cos iam not programmer and cant imagine what is possible and what not.


  • I believe this already exists as an option in the global settings of the LXR. It is under "mod" and here is what the TriggerIO manual says:

    Gate Length
    The 'mod' parameter controls the gate mode. Per default the trigger IO outputs just short
    5V pulses.
    If the gate mode is turned on, the trigger pulse will be high as long as the amplitude
    envelope is bigger than 0 - i.e as long as a sound is playing

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