S-trig problem with the trigger expansion and inquiry about the firmware

Hey guys,

Anyone using the Trigger IO expansion with S-Trig? I installed everything with all the extra components needed for the S-trig but it does not seem to work. I've been probing around and the O'scope gives the right positive triggers (around 4,9V) but nothing seems to come out of the S-trig. It should output a constant 5-6V with drops when a not is entered right?

I tried it with my Boss DR-110 I'm currently modding. The individual voices need S-Trig but it seems that almost nothing goes through the trigger expansion to the 110. When I cranked the volume 100% up I could hear a faint trigger on my sound but i'm talking like -999db signal.

Another thing is that the Boss Dr-110 seems to react to the positive V-trig coming from the LXR but it oddly is using 12ppqn as a clock. How hard would it be to add the possibility to output 12ppqn as well as the normal values available in the firmware?



  • Update:
    I figured it out. The S-trig do not actually sends the constant 5V, it only outputs the "shorts" needed to drop an external 5-6V signal.
    I was actually testing this on the Bass drum trigger line of my Boss DR-110 and it appears that it is the only trigger line that is not connected to V+ when disconnected from the main board. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read that and I hope it will help others!

    My question about the possibility of having 12ppqn (I know it is odd and unusual) option integrated in the LXR still stands. I'm wondering how hard it would be to implement it? Does anybody have any advice on this? I might try to get my hands into the code (first time doing this kind of stuff) but I would not know where to start and I'm concerned about bricking my LXR.

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