RST input trigger expansion question

Hello all, I'm trying to sync LXR with Reaktor and sending out an analog clock and reset to the LXR's inputs.
Clocking works great but the reset doesn't. When starting Reaktor the LXR will start exactly 1 measure later and will run in sync from there.

In the manual i read: " There is a new menu page in the LXR settings menu. Press shift + load/save to enter the settings menu. Now you can select the Trigger IO configuration page by pressing the 'AEG' button".
However i don't see this menu function...

Does anybody have experience with this?



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    Yes I believe the manual is not up to date, in my firmware (v-0.37 -b-c), this menu is merged in the global setting menu. Just scroll to the right and look for CKI (Trigger In PPQ), CO1 (Trigger out1 PPQ), CO2 (Trigger out2 ppq), MOD (Trigger gate mod).

  • Thanks you're right the trigger menu is in the global settings.

    However my problem isn't solved.
    The LXR starts horribly late when i start the external clock + reset gate.
    Does anybody knows how to resolve this? I basically bought the LXR specially for this functionality.

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