New MAL-2 with defective microcontroller

Hi, I am a professional builder and a customer asked me to build a MAL-2. I bought two kits from SynthCube -- one for him and one for me. Both builds went fine -- great instructions, no issues. However, only one of the assembled kits worked. The other one did nothing (no flashing lights on power up). After troubleshooting, I found that the Atmel microcontroller is the cause. When I swap the microcontrollers, the problem follows the microcontroller. The thing is, the microcontroller hasn't been abused. I've been following anti-static guidelines and certainly never reversed the polarity. Could this microcontroller have been neglected to be programmed? How do I correct these issues? Can I get a replacement microcontroller from SP?


  • Hi, it's possibly better to contact Julian by mail, as he follows mail more frequently. Or SynthCube, as they sold it. I bought stuff there in the past and they have always been very competent.

  • Thanks nightworxx! I got in touch with SynthCube and they were very nice and are working to resolve the problem. Thank you for pointing me in that direction so quickly.
  • SynthCube provided me a replacement microcontroller and that fixed my problem! I don't know if the original one in the kit was defective or just not programmed.

  • Possibly not programmed, sometimes one person may get distracted and marks an unprogrammed MCU as programmed. Happens in my workshop more than often, thanks to my cellphone, wife, kids...(just delete unrelated topic) =)

  • I'm glad synthcube sorted it out. For missing or defective parts it's best to contact my wife simone directly: as she is handling shipping and invoices etc at the moment

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