Question about save / load PERFORM and ALL to memorize Shuffle / roll values with BC 0.37

Hello all. I'm a happy user of Julian LXR with O.37 by brendan ... :)

I play in a "electronic rock" band where the LXR is the drummer. I try to save, for each song, a .all files containing kits, settings, and the 8 patterns. I also backup by saving every kits, pattern and perform files .

Everything works great except some "next patterns " settings sometimes, but I can handle with it.

**My question : how can I memorize the Shuffle and Roll settings (that are different for each song ) . **

When I load the .all files, the Shuffle and roll stays at its previous value. Do I have to load .perform file rather than .all ?

The LXR is clocked , in slave mode by a roland rc 505, but I got the same problem on internal clock.

Other point is how to load "on the fly" other pattern files for the same song ( to get 16 pattern) without bugging the play

The "File load fast" option is sometimes risky, as it freeze the LXr,
So my second question : what would be the best way to load new patterns on the fly in the same "song" ?**

Thanks for any help and cheers all


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