LXR suddenly stopped working after several years - video included


My LXR worked fine ALWAYS for several years!
now suddenly after power up mostly some leds are lit, sometimes all, sometimes very few, sometimes none.
machine frozen. No change from buttons/encoder etc
display always dark
very occasionally hyroglyphes on display (frozen) / today I saw the OS Name on the display for very short (YAY, somehow still alive!!)

the cooling element on the back for 5V gets very hot after 10-15 minutes - don't want to touch it then anymore
5V seems to be running fine (4.98V at several points)

where should I start to search??? (middle noob)

thanks a lot for taking you time!!


  • i would start by checking solder joints and reflowing them, maybe you have a bunch of cold solder joints

  • resoldered all solderjoints of ICs etc.. still same symptoms
    copied data from old 32mb cart to new 8gb card... first same symtoms - then: bootloader, count...reboot etc!!!!!

    SOFTWARE FAIL! not hardware:-D

  • All fine again

  • Hi Youkon,

    How to you get the lxr back up and running?
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