6 voices only?

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It seems kind of limited. Do some of you guys run two of these in parallel?


  • I do not know what makes you think 6 voices is limited. It is actually not that unusual, the Tempest has 6 voices, the analog Rhythm has 8.
    The synthesis engine is really great as the sequencing abilities.
    Personally, one LXR is really enough.

  • Ok fair enough. I don't know much about drum machines. I just know I want one. I have a nice hardware sequencer (Synthstrom Deluge) but I'd like a dedicated box for drums as I'd like to just use the Deluge as a master sequencer and maybe do a little bit of sampling with it...

  • Then maybe you should be looking for something like the Vermona DRM-1?
    The only thing I can assure you is that I have been using the LXR for 4 years and I still have not finished exploring it! For me, 6 voices is quite enough, especially if you have the possibility of pairing it with a sampler.

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