External sync issue


I'm having some trouble getting external sync spot on.

I can get it to play nice with other gear via a DAW being the master (Ableton) by offsetting LXR USB sync midi clock by 10ms.

However if I try to just midi sync directly from other hardware (Roland TR8) it's slightly out and phases, I presume by 10ms.

I don't bring Ableton to live gigs, and don't really want to have to go down this road:


Anyone have the same problem/any idea's how to resolve? A fine midi clock sync +/- adjustment on the unit itself would be perfect.



  • I noticed some slight sync offset with ableton, but not with any hardware I'm using to sequence my LXR. Including my MPC2000, the TR-8 of a friend and other gear.

  • Thanks Paulus, that's good to hear. When you say other hardware to sequence the LXR you mean you're still running the LXR's internal sequencer yeah and not triggering the LXR externally?

    This gives me hope as if it's not a general issue it must be something in my setup, but for the life of me I cant think what, it's even a very short midi cable I'm using here.


  • Yes, I'm syncing the LXR with another hardware clock (MPC2000XL or TR8). I also trigger the sounds externally on some track and I don't notice any delay. I did not measure it but no clock drifting is noticeable on my setup.
    10ms is not that much anyway no? You really hear the delay?

  • Yeah, 10ms shouldn't be a big deal, but yes I do hear it when I'm layering the LXR with the Tr8 which I envisage being mucho fun. There's a few variables here, decays, tuning etc but I'm pretty sure it's the sync just out by enough to make layering noticeably phase. My test with ableton delaying the clock made everything layer nice and punchy. Go back to midi sync, and it sounds like a dj beatmatching and not quite getting it bang on.

    I'll play around some more. Gremlins have put a bucket brigade circuit in my midi cables!


  • Maybe the LXR is sending other mididata than sync. Did you adjust the midi filtering on the LXR as "R" only to see if it makes a difference?

  • Not that alas. Yep, LXR set to just receive "R" and not even a cable in the midi out, and filter for transmit set to "off" for good measure.

  • Weird, what firmware are you using? You might want to backup your SD card and try another version of the firmware.

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