any love for an ugly duckling editor?

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I have a very basic version of a software editor for the drumsynth. So far it is only able to send sound parameters to the device via midi.
It's main purpose so far was to test the midi/NRPN implementation ;)
As I am not the best surface designer and my 1st priority at the moment is getting the firmware and kits ready, maybe one of you wants to design a nice skin or a better layout?

The whole thing is JUCE based. So it should be able to run on almost all platforms. But so far I have only set up a working VC08 windows build.
The panels can be edited with the graphical 'Jucer ' editor, knobs are designed using knobman

I will publish the source on my GitHub soon.


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    Julian, would it be too much to ask for you to post screenshots of the other pages? I'm sure many others would like to see the other parameters available! (I certainly would!)
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    here you go


  • Slightly late reply but oh boy, this is looking good! Thanks Julian.
  • Yes, very nice!
  • looks fine julian!
    couple of q's.
    will it be possible as a vst?
    could it maybe include a song editor? (kinda simple like buzz/trackers)
  • this is nothing I'm actively working on at the moment.
    The basic code of the editor is still from the beginning of the development when I had not build a user interface.

    It is based on the JUCE framework, so it should be quite straight forward to make a VST out of it.

    A pattern editor would be very nice, but at the moment the drumsynth does no support sequencer editing via sysex yet (but it is planned for a future update)

    So we'll see. Maybe someone will continue working on this (it's hosted on github) or maybe I will find some time to add missing features after the rest of the synth is finished.
  • @Julian I see this will be a really nice tool addition your HW but between lines I see this will be only for Windows.

    Would it possible to develop something work both Mac OS X and Windows ?

    Smugrik from MI forum created nice looking / functioning editors for Shruthi and Anushri with MAX MSP and they both work for Mac OS X and Windows  maybe you ( we ) might ask help from him.
  • JUCE is a crossplatform framework.
    It should be possible to run this on OSX, IOS, Android, Unix and Windows based systems.
    The only problem is that each platform needs one volunteer who can compile it.
    I can only build Win + Unix binaries here.
  • I should be able to build for OSX and iOS if you like Julian ...
  • thanks for the offer.
    So far I have no experience in bulding with Xcode.
    The editor is based on the simple hello word example provided with juce.
    I just modified the VC2008 project so far.

  • Is this editor still going to be a thing?  I don't mind editing the drums by hand, but currently it's 3 feet from my computer, and I don't like getting up to change things :)
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    i uploaded a very early version here

    please note this is far from a finished editor!
    It works to edit patches but nothing more.
    - it won't read back values from the synth. It just sends midi CCs to control the parameters
    - menu entries have no function
    - some graphic bugs

    just extract the archive to a folder of your choice and run the editor .exe in the bin folder.
    You have to select the correct midi port and I think so far this works only on midi channel 1 (0)

    I'll try to work on this after the firmware is ready.
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    If there is no luck in getting someone to compile to other OS's, in addition to the Max suggestion above, another approach is to build something with Ctrlr: .   It's quite easy and fast to get something functional, and it has the advantage of being able to run as a plugin as well...
  • ctrl is based on the juce framework I used for the editor as well.
    So in the end the standalone editor can also be compiled as vst or au or as ios app and I think even for android.
    But I never tried the latter.

    but there are still some features missing from the editor.
    So far it is based on my testing tool for the drumsynth development from a time where I had not build a frontpanel and just controlled the cortex chip with this editor.
  • Hello, This link appears to be dead

    I should have my LXR  in the next week and would love a quicker way of editing the voice parameters
    I have just started playing with M4L and i am very tempted to patch something together from other similar devices

  • Has anyone got the old .exe they would be willing to upload? Pleeeeeeease :)
  • Visually its fine, it doesn't need to look like a spaceship to be good.  The cleaner and simpler the better, IMHO.
  • the link should work again.
    But remember it is only one way at the moment. so it won't read back the changes made on the LXR :(
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    the link should work again.
    But remember it is only one way at the moment. so it won't read back the changes made on the LXR :(

    Thank you Julian, I will have a play with it and eventually create a M4L device with similar functionality
  • I'ts also working in Ubuntu under Wine.
    Great work Julian.
  • Ok, I will try it under Win7, cause Open/Save(As)/New is not working, under Ubuntu.
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    I can try to build a linux version.
    nromaly this should be  easy, but my JUCE fu is a little bit rusty ;)
    just made the switch back to unix the other day.
  • Dude you are amazing
  • Just remembered this thread... Sorry to necro, but did anyone ever get any further with a m4l version or vst?
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    I planned on doing a M4L editor but just have not had the time. 
    Strange thing happened recently though,
    I put a comment on one of TubeOhm's Ambika editor video's asking if he was planning on releasing a LXR editor due to the fact he offers builds for it now, and for some reason he deleted my comment. I am hoping that he deleted it because he is and wants to keep it secret  ;)


    My comment has mysteriously re appeared so that blows my theory out of the water
  • Hello,
    one question how to you send instructions from the VST to the LXR? via CC messages?
    if so, I suppose M4L should be easy to develop :-)
  • Pretty sure its CC. I did start a device but it currently only has 3 knobs and i have not had time to get any further. If NRPN is involved this might come in handy
  • you have to use CC and NRPNs
  • I am not going to work on a M4L device for the LXR :-(
    I have to admit that I want to add some more flexible looping function to my code and work on some specials M4L patches :-) for some artists I am working with.

    extra notes:
    I did not forget to add a delay line or small reverb .... but for the
    moment my code is too bad, I get a lot of noize or crashes. Prior to a delay/reverb, I would like also to imrove my current FXs codes in the next release (I will then give it another name!!), I think some of my code are "wrong" and could be improved but someone needs to jump into my code, take time to understand it and give me his feeling after.. well hard to find someone !!! HELP ;-)))

    I found also interesting to create a FX like Permut8.. doing some SUB, ADD, or XOR on each bits usinga special mask. I think this could be the first code I add in the next release and with the new looping feature.
  • I think to programming a delay or reverb is to/very complex.
    There are many pretty stompboxes or 19" delays out there.
    And for supporting the diy-scene: take a look at the Echobase Delay!!! from

    The most thing/feature i want is: that the LXR is sending the MIDI-CC/NRPN messages.

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