Can i put some home made drumkits on the SD card to use in the LXR ?

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I have tryed but no succes . Can' t find the preset drumkits back on the SD card , is it all in the firmware ?


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    • - you need a folder on the sd card named "samples"
      - put some 16-bit mono wavefiles in there (not more than 490kB!)
      - on the load screen there is a new option "load samples"
      - confirm with 'ok', make sure the seq is not running or the upload will fail
      - sample upload starts... this may take up to 30 sec. (not optimised yet)
      - when you see the "load sample - ok" screen again the upload is finished
      - the oscillators have some extra waveforms now "S1 to "Sn" where n is the number of samples uploaded
      that's it.

  • The LXR isn't meant to be a sample based drum machine, but you can load a small amount of wav files into the firmware to aid in synthesizing your sounds. Read this thread:

    If you downloaded the SD card image you should have some preset drumsynth kits, though.
  • just tried using samples for the first time.....

    I took 5 short drum samples for testing.

    loading went very fast.

    FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    completely a new dimension!! I like lofi drum computer! (it isn't that lofi) like the quality of sounds and was pretty amazed, that all the instrument settings were fully available for the samples!!! YAY!!!

    together with OS 0.27....... WOW!!!!!!

    I can just recommend to everyone to give it a try!

    really really thanks a lot for making this possible

  • BTW: I managed to put more than 25 drum samples into the LXR!!

    amazing what can be done with 490 KB

    now, I have bongos, claps, different snares, even two pads, cowbells etc etc...

    they sound super when getting pitched

  • It would be awesome if you could post some sound examples!
  • Still secretly hoping that there will be some magic method for julian/rudeog to implement direct-from-SD sample usage.

    But I should stop waiting and load some samples with the already available mechanism. Thanks for the inspiration youkon :)
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    *dupe post*
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    Yeah loading samples from the SD would be killer, even with restrictions on files size and tweaking possibilities.

  • of course this would be cool, but as it is right now, you can run your samples (almost - depending on instrument track) through the complete synthesis engine, which is sound wise really powerful! fm with samples! quite funny
  • Still secretly hoping that there will be some magic method for julian/rudeog to implement direct-from-SD sample usage.
    I think this is not gonna happen.
    I spend several days trying to implement this. The only way this might be possible is to deactivate the rest of the synthesis engine when using samples and make it a boring oneshot sample player
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    Well, a boring sampler player can still be interesting if you have external gear to spice things up a little bit.
    For example in a computerless live setting.

    Would that be doable by a menu trick to activate a different mode or you'd have to create a 'sampler' firmware version ? If it is the latter, controlling external samples via midi is definitely the way to go...
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    I'm sure you know that, but you can use the lxr thru a daw to use your own samples. Of course, it's no more computerless, you cannot use the lxr to modify the samples but you can have somme fun.
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  • I just tried this with five 808 samples from Nepheton VST and this SHI GO!!! Got some really weird hi-hat scissor sounds and a decent kick. 

    I don't really want the LXR, or the LXR II or whatever's next from Sonic Potions to be a sampler though. There are already *so* many samplers out there, and I think its a task better done through DAWs anyway. 
  • - Could it read 12bit and 8bit files as well at some point ? It would allow for more samples, and i dig 8 & 12bit crunchiness !

    - Could we imagine to have more than one sample folder ("samples01", "samples02", etc - each with less than 490kb), and be able to load the one we want while booting ?
    It would allow the user to have several drumkits stored on the SD card, without requiring more memory from the LXR. (Well, maybe that technically it is not as easy as it seems ;) )
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    isn't it possible to buy an arduino mega pro mini (or a due etc...) and squeeze that into the chassis somewhere to get as many samples as they needed?
  • Have any of you guys had problems using samples? Yesterday I tried to upload some samples and now my OS is very unstable. Problems with loading patterns, freezing etc.
  • Have any of you guys had problems using samples? Yesterday I tried to upload some samples and now my OS is very unstable. Problems with loading patterns, freezing etc.
    Yes, i just re loaded the firmware and samples and it was sorted
  • Ok, i'll give it a try. Thnx for the reply!
  • I was wondering if the user samples are supposed to show up in the Click section, mine only show up in the Osc section.  I want to use my own samples for transients to supplement (or phase modulate) the main synth voices.
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    They don't show up for me in the click section either.

    It's my first time using the feature (what took me so long??) and I seem to be having an issue with really hissy, mostly-unusable-ness. Not sure if it was my method of 'making them mono' is part of the problem or not. I used Ocenaudio.

    The files are all 44.1khz and I trimmed them pretty tight (mostly in the sub 0.2 seconds range).

    But I have a feeling that even greater success could be had by using shorter cycle waveforms specifically designed for synthesis...

    ... which leads me to wonder: does the LXR have enough juice for wavetable synthesis?
  • hm good question. i know you can modulate the waveform selection, so i imagine if you got the LFO set to exactly the right rate, and filled your sample folder with a wavetable, and set the center point of the LFO to where it doesn't select the default waveforms.  i imagine it should work.

    this brings to mind, has it been mentioned what value the main oscillator waveform needs to be set at in order for the user samples to be played in 1:1 realtime? (not pitched) 
  • this is a bump/piggyback of snk's request above

    Is there the possibility of the lxr ever being able to address a different 'SAMPLES' folder per kit?  So say for userkit01, it would address one samples folder on the sd with 808 hits, but then when you load userkit02, it could address a different samples sd folder with 909 samples. 

    Also could we ever have support for looping a loaded sample - so for instance you could load up a single cycle waveform and loop it between zero crossings and have an improvised wavetable oscillator?
  • the problem with multiple sample banks is that they have to be loaded into the flash memory each time and that takes a while and wears out the flash.

    the whole sample upload thing was more of a quick hack to use the unused leftover memory space on the chip.

    for this to work properly one would have to try to get direct SD card streaming to work, which might be possible but is a bigger task than just adding a few lines of sample upload.
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    Julian. Is there any easy way to increase the internal flash memory....... hahahahhaa

    I hope over time you can project a sampler / workstation version, with the effects of asr10 per step, the elasticity of the VP9000, the same sequential logic / UX of the LXR......and adapting SYNC different samples as determined bpm ala ACID or Live.

  • A bit more sample time would be sweet!
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