Better button caps?

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After turning my LXR upside down I know that nearly all of my LXRs button caps are loose... I don´t really like the tape-workaround for the 39 caps. Does anybody know a source for better caps or another workaround (except glueing).



  • Would you accept to exchange the switches too ?
    If yes its possible to desolder this and build in on the frontpanel holes other pusbuttons.
    You have to hardwire cables to this
  • In my pov. a complete new frontpanel Design is a good choice to get a device for hard live setups.
    Some of my customers have asked me for this.
    The acrylic is very nice but instabile for live setups.
  • I don´t think I want to desolder the switches as I am planning home use only. Instead I would glue the caps to the switches. Perhaps with some non-permanent glue.

    I think a metal case will come soon from Adrian. But I take the acrylic case from Frank now.
  • The buttons and switches are IMO the only downside of an otherwise great design and kit. The tape thing is kludgy and not on par with the rest of the build. I realize this is due to the switches themselves. I tried using silicon because I could remove it if need be. It worked well but the feel was uneven and I ended up using a small a piece of gaffer's tape per the instructions which works better. 

    I would be interested in a metal case too. would it use the same cutouts for the buttons?

  • i used a pliers with very small ends for pushing the two sides of the holder in the middle on the cap a bit more together.
    so my caps keep their places without taping or use of glue.


  • NIce one! I'll have to try that the next time I open mine up.
  • I would be interested in a metal case too. would it use the same cutouts for the buttons?
    I don´t know. Check M.I.-Forum or send him a message there. Adrian is actually finishing the Ambika Cases.
  • Cool thanks! 
  • Anyone tried these?
    Pretty cheap and tight. Also found yellow and red ones but there's no black.

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    Yep I have those. Can't say anything bad about them ;D They fit well, are tight and don't fell off the button - here are the exact dimensions
  • do you have a part number or manufacturer of those?
  • I could ask at the online shop that sold them to me
  • I'm designing a custom case and panel graphics (lasercut wood, at least currently) and looking at using different buttons caps and encoder knobs to come up with a nice aesthetic. Anything to look out for when sourcing alternatives other than dimensions / pins arrangement? Might even use two variations (original and alt) to have something special for the trig keys vs the function keys. For the originals anyone been able to find other colors for the button caps? 

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  • Any updates on this topic? The blue tack solution was pretty uneven so I had to remove all the blue tac (which was a major pain...)currently using some duct tape on the switches which so far works a bit better, would still gladly pay for some better fitting buttons though.

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