Trusted Builders
  • If you don't want to build the LXR yourself, here is a list of trusted builders.
    All people on this list will be happy to build one for you and have already done so successfully.

    Andre from TubeOhm (Germany)
    kontakt (at)

    Shiftr (Netherlands)
    shiftrelli (at)

    Altitude (USA, MI)
    altitude (Ät)

    Bart (Belgium)
    lenistwo (at)

    Andreas (Berlin)
    amanmachine (at)

    electrodancer (NL)
    audiomechaniker (ät)

    NAME: Esther
    Email: esthern (at)
    Language: French and english
    Country: France
    Region: Rhones Alpes Grenoble.
    Shipping: World Wide.

    Kleissonic Pedals (Berlin, Germany)
    kleissonic (ät)

    Note that they are not related to sonic potions and offer the kit assembly as an independent service. So we are not liable for the build service and it is up to the builder to comply with their local buisness and tax law. Please contact the builder of your choice for detailed information. Afterwards you can buy the kit in the sonic potions online shop and have it shipped to your builder (please specify the correct delivery address on the checkout screen). If you want to be added to this list, drop me an e-mail.
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