All your presets are belong to us!

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Since the first units are out in the wild now (feels really good!)
I'd love if you would send me some some of the patches you made.

On the one hand i'm really interested to hear what people come up with,
on the other hand I also need more factory sounds. ;)

If you don't want your sounds to appear as a part of the factory soundbank, just say so.
I would still be interested to hear your creations.


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    don't finalise the list anytime soon!!!! still haven't got my hands on PCB & would love to contribute to sound bank!! subject to quality control of course ... : /

  • Euhmmm .. i would like to upload a patch here but there is no function for it on the forum...
  • just added the file upload to the forum

  • don't see it yet

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    hmmm i godda check the permissions... i have an 'attach file' link beloe the textbox where I write my post.
    edit: fixed permissions
  • Now it's there!

    So here is a preset... 808ish or maybe better call it Electro?
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    Now with a better 808 cowbell! (587 hz & 845 hz)

  • hehehe the old cowbell was funny ;)
    for an 808 clap try using white noise only and a resonant BP around frq 70  res 85

    I would upload an example, but I can't convice my desktop PC to cooperate with my SD card reader at the moment *grml* :(
  • i've got quite a few sounds saved. i wonder can they be saved as they're named instead of numbered? can i rename them as a different number currently, so i could re-order them? maybe i should attach them here anyway..   :)
  • The order they appear in the menu is determined by the file name.
    So reorder by renaming works.
    you can attach the files to this thread using the "Attached file" link below the text entry box.
    I'd be very interested!
  • well julian you got some already & i don't think they have been edited, they're included here plus a whole lot more.
    i hope something for whatever style you might be into, i constantly tweak these depending on mood..
    i have saved into the wrong slot before & lost some but it is great to hunt around the land of synthesis looking for lost sounds.
    enjoy  >:D<

    good to know i won't break anything by renaming
  • did it attach this time?!
    can the file be zipped?

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    .rar actually. 
    i choose file then i see blank icon.. then what?? 

    oh. drag+drop!

    edit: gahhh. help! i don't think that worked!

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    if so i must have uploaded the same thing 3 times but am still missing the last step.
  • A patch I made for thumpin' techno..... 
  • Hello, I created a Goa/Psychotrance Patch

  • just tried the link dlyline added seem appear to work anymore, are these the presets that are already included?
  • hi!
    as promised I put here my 2nd neuro kit

     (my 1st is dead due to too big sd card :'( )

  • Thanks rusty! What's a too-big SD card? What problems does one cause?
  • I've read lxr don't support SDHC cards, and I have experienced bugs, like my kits to have totally changed when trying to use it again
  • bump \:D/
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