the short long pattern

sorry for my english,I'll be brief

next to STEP/PROBABILITY there is a empty field
we could have these choices:
-each bar (default)
-first bar  of two/three/.....
-last bar  of two/three/...

anyhow never override the probability amount, it's so cool


  • Good idea. I like it. Since we already have the pattern repetition setting, we could take advantage of that and make it more flexible:
    - each bar (default - 0)
    - specific bar number (resets when the pattern first starts)
    This would allow you to have it on eg. the last bar of a set of 4 instead of just the first bar.
    So if you want it on the first bar of three, you'd set it to 1 and set your pattern repeat to 2 (which is equal to 3 bars). If you want it on the 4th bar of 4 you'd set it to 4 and pattern repeat to 3 (which is 4 bars).
    Combined with the probability setting it opens up a lot of possibilities I think.

    I don't think this would be hard to add either.

  • I've started looking into this. It would add about 8064 bytes to the RAM usage on the cortex. It seems to me like we have enough RAM to spare, but maybe @Julian can comment if he thinks differently.

  • Whowwww.....clapclapclap!
  • and also deny a step in a given bar
  • This would be incredibly useful. I often get stuck because I think in 2
    bar patterns with minimal variation between the two. Seems to me like
    I'm wasting patterns for just a snare on the last 16th. With just 8
    different patters the room for (controllable) variations gets usep up
    pretty quick.

  • Elektron's conditional trigs

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