Case/enclosure for LXR

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Are there other cases/enclosures than the acryl?


  • I think they guy who does the metal cases for mutable instruments shruthi and ambika is planing on doing one for the lxr.
  • Was going to ask this. Im also hoping/waiting for a metal case to go with my ambika.
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    @jake: you know you can get them from adrin, right?
  • @Loderbast Oh sorry I wasn't very clear I meant a case to match my ambika's case. My English is pretty bad for an English person haha.

    Anyone have any idea if theres going to be a un/official run of LXR enclosures anytime soon? My LXR is naked at the moment.
  • So for now there aren't other cases available :)?
  • None which you would not have to do yourself at this moment, i fear...
  • As far as I know Adrian is working on it.
    I've send him the ,dxf files from the PCB and a trigger IO to take measures.
    But he was quite busy with all the MI cases lately.
    So I do not know more than you ;)
  • Then i will go for the acryl! :)
  • I spoke to Adrian a few weeks ago and he said he was still working on the LXR cases. I think he's trying to finish up the MI Ambika official ones before moving on to another big production. 
  • Ah okay thanks, my lxr will just have to stay naked for a bit longer then.
  • Hi,

    first post.
    Prototypes are in works. Should get them in this week.
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    No more fingerprints! :-bd  
  • thats great news adrian!!

    any chance to do a version with hole for a d-sub connector on the back to have the trigger i/o ports directly in the modular?
  • I think this request is too specific for mass production ;)
    Afaik Adrians plan was to make an enclosure with replaceable backpanels for the trigger IO.
    But I think for something like D-Sub connectors the best route would to just use the normal backpanel and utilize a jigsaw.
  • yeah i think so, too. but i have no idea about the production process and ratio of tooling cost etc. (so i thought it might be possible)
  • hey Adrian! nice to have you here now officially! Best, Julian aka youkon from Germany
  • Assembled the LXR into case and need to make some changes.
    Need to leave more room for inserting PCB.

    Front plate for case is 3mm aluminum and bottom is 1mm steel.
    @loderbast, no custom holes for one piece. You could cut 3 CV holes together to make a D-Sub.

    On back there is power switch under the power plug and CV outputs. There will be cover plate for CV, what covers the holes and print for CV, if you don't use them.

    Print on upper plate and on back side for I/O.

    I have to check the prices, but perfect result with fastenings depends of coating.
    If end result will be powder coating, then PCB fastening will be replaced with press spacers image

    Front plate fastenings will be replaced against flush head screws.
    If front plate will be anodized all screws will be flush heads.

    I have two front plates and two bottoms without coating. Going to bring one front to anodizing tomorrow and try some colors. Also maybe try some color for bottom.

    It looks big on photos, but not so big in real life.
  • @Adrian nice, that looks great so far.
  • that looks great!
  • :D looking great!
  • Awesome! :)
  • looks really nice!
    will you sell them via Mutable Instruments or via Sonic Potions?
    would be soooo nice to have the options to choose between a case when you order a kit!!!
    My preference would be to be able to buy a kit from Julian with your case in one order, hint hint.
    any info on pricing?

    Soo looking forward building one of these bad boys!
    Cheers, keep up the good work.


  • the plan is that I will sell them in my shop.
  • :))


    let me know when we can order :D

  • Damn, that's looking fine so far! Any plans for wooden ends like the Shruthi-1 Cases?
  • As default it will be no wood.
    I can let carpenter make some wood and check how it looks.
    Lets first finalize this and look that in future.
  • Do you have an estimated price in mind yet?
  • i can't seem to get bigger a version of those pictures.
    Are there by any chance better/bigger pics available?

    and, totaly oftopic, what does LXR mean?
  • if you are logged in you should be able to click on the images to show them big
    but here are the links

    LXR is just a play on eLiXiR to keep it related to potions ;)
  • @sparky it will cost bit more then plexi case.
    @julian should we use the same screen print or think about new one?
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