SD card init error

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I've just finish to build my LXR, all test have been done successfully. I'm on the firmware v0.33 on my LXR. I decided to update the firmware and, in this way, to continue the test. I followed the update procedure.
The display shows "Bootloader v1.2" and then shows "SDcard...init error".
So i decided to use another SD card formatted to FAT32 with the unzipped "SdCard Image". When i turn on my LXR, the displays shows "SDcard...init error" immediately after to display "LXR Drum V0.33". It can load kit and another stuff. So my problem is less solved with this SDcard.
I used the first SDcard and i think that's OK, when i press the Load/save button, all kits are displayed.

I tried to update firmware again and LXR shows SDcard...init error.

Do you have any idea to solve my problem ?

Thanks to answer


  • hmmm the v1.2 bootloader should use the same sd card routine as the normal synth engine.
    what OS are you using? win? osx? linux?
  • Sorry to come on this topic, but I had same issue with SD card that are 8 gigas and 16giga bytes. I took a SD card of 2 gigas and it worked fine :-)
    I am on MAC OS (10.8).
    hope it helps :-)
  • Hi,

    Thank you both for your answers and I'm sorry to come back so late. Lately, i was on holidays and I solved my problem just before. I decided to test the 16 GO SD card on my camera on the LXR and everything works very well.

    I'm on Windows 7. The two first SDcards are old (about 7 and 10 years) but they work fine : I transferred somes files (pictures,pdf,.xlsm,.docx) between 2 computers with them, and all transferred files  worked without any problem.

    That's a bit strange, i think. I tested with another new SDCard because i need the 16GO SDcard to take pictures. I''l keep you informed.

    PS : The LXR is wonderfull, i love it.


  • I will test with another new SD and i'll keep you informed (Sorry)
  • Test with sucess with another new SDcard.
  • Hi. What kind of SD card do I need to get for my newly built LXR?
    I know nothing about SD cards really and I don't want to get the wrong one.
    Also, can someone please clarify for me what does the SD card do. Is it for storing sounds on?



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    Right, you need the card to store you data including your own sound and samples.
    I use a SanDisk 2GB, which works fine.
    A Transcent 16GB card was not working.
    But in general you should not have problems with smaller SD cards.
    Bigger SDHD cards can cause problems.
  • Hello. I know this thread is super old...I have had my lxr for a while and not used it yet...and so i need to know:

    Is the situation the same still with the SD card. Do I still need a 2GB Sandisk? Because they seem difficult to get. I emailed Julian about this but not had a response yet ! :)

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