FS: Sonic Potions LXR

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due to moving abroad, I'll have to sell a lot of my items, including my built Sonic Potions LXR. It's in perfect working & aesthetic order, with no blemishes. I will include the memory card and a European power supply. I will load it with the current official firmware before shipping.

Price is 350e + shipping. I am located in Finland, so shipping to Europe should be easy, but I'm sure shipping elsewhere would work out as well.


  • damn, I just bought one at a much higher price :( Oh well, good luck!
  • Sorry to hear, too bad. :-( I had to list it in ebay, as I'm in a hurry, but if it doesn't go there, it's free for offers here again, and I'll consider any done in the mean time: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161400135446
  • Back on sale here, with updated price, 350e.
  • Hi, I am interested, I'll Pm you!
  • Still on sale!
  • which country?
  • I'm in Finland, but only for three more weeks; then I'm moving to the US.
  • Sale: 340e + shipping, if bought during this week.
  • Have you sold it ??
    In case you finally brought it to the US please let me know, might be interested, i'm @ Miami Beach
  • Sorry, I left it in Finland with my parents, so there would be customs fees in addition to the somewhat higher shipping fees from there... Still, if you're interested, PM and we can discuss a deal.

    If anyone else is interested, this is still for sale, still shipping from Finland. I'll make the price 330e + shipping, because I think the power supply is now in other use.
  • i'm interested (you know how much is the shipping ton france?)
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    Hi, sorry to be late in answering. I checked, and shipping costs depend a lot on the type of shipment. If you'd be OK with an economy shipping, I'd charge 20 euros for shipping, and pay the rest myself (like an insurance for the shipment, in case the shipping company messed something up, etc, which I might get, unless it's super expensive, for security of both buyer and seller : - ). Let me know if you're still interested; PM should reach me too.
  • Hello,

    is the LXR still available?
    How much including shipping to UK?

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