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Hello all,

First post here, heard about the LXR from the MI forum.
Could not ignore how many people are recommending the LXR for my next drum machine. It also fits perfectly what I would like to have (and it's DIY!).

So I'm thinking of sourcing it, I have already made two baskets at Reichelt and Mouser according to the BOM on the website (btw way, is it up to date?).
It's not so much for the money I would save on sourcing the kit myself (it does not make a big difference with the full kit), but ùmore that I caught an addicting virus while sourcing my second Shruthi with a Ladder filter…

I am not that much aware of all the details for the LXR so my question was: Do I need to an ISP programmer for the LXR if I source the kit myself?
What else should I be aware of?
I have no knowledge of ISP programming/communication and just know how to solder, read diagrams and more and more (thanks to the amazing community at MI) to solve the problems that can occur while building a kit.

Thanks, I am excited in getting in a new DIY community and new hardware!


  • You can buy the AVR microcontroller (ATMEGA644) with pre-installed firmware and bootloader for 10 EUR from the Sonic Potions Shop.
  • you will need an ISP programmer if you want to flash the AVR yourself.
    but they can be had for as little as 5€.
    I reccomend the USBASP programmer.
    I've been using it for years without problems.
    also available as a kit here and there.

    it's not really complicated to flash a chip.
    I encourage to learn it ;)
  • Thanks for both your answers.
    @cj55, silly me, I did not find where to buy the programmed atmega.
    @julian, this might be a solution, I like to learn new things!
    And I guess it can be found useful in the future if I build more Shruthis, LXRs or other DIY synths.

  • As another alternative you can build the USBtinyISP. I've used it for many different things for many different reasons over the years. They are good tools to have handy with anything AVR. It has the extra ten pin connector. I've never had a problem with this one either.
    You never know when you might need to reflash!
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