Futuredraht Camp 2014 - 27.09. in Chemnitz/Germoney featuring the LXR

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Me and my friends are going to celebrate and I will bring my LXR and play http://www.futuredraht.de/futuredraht-camp-2014/
I don't know if there are some LXRians from the middle saxony region here but if so I would be glad to meet you. Entry is free of course! Hope to see you around :)


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    Thanks for the hint!
    I live in Chemnitz and will come around definitely.
    Are you from the region around Chemnitz?
    I never heard of Futuredraht before.
    It would be cool to meet some other musicians from the region.
    I am looking forward to see your LXR in action. :-)
  • would be really nice to see you around :-bd
    actually futuredraht has it's origins in freiberg but nowadays we're spread all over germany/europe. i lived in chemnitz before i moved to norway and we used to have some things going on in chemnitz back in the days so it was the easiest way for me to organize it there. we plan to do a jam when the concerts are over so you're welcome to join.. i assume there will be lot's of toys to play with  \:D/
  • Ick freu mir!
  • I hope you had a nice party!
  • Yeah, I saw the LXR in action!!!
    It was great!
    Unifortunately I had to leave around 4am, because I was really tired.
    Thus, I could not enjoy the performance of aerror. :|

  • yea it was an mindblowing event and it was nice to meet a fellow lxr-ian. i've to say that the lxr was fundamental to our performance and was really fun to play live: https://vimeo.com/107705824 audio recordings will follow soon
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