I think it is a sign!

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Just placed my order for the last part of my future LXR and here is my confirmation mail:


It's a sign for digital TR crunchy madness coming!


  • Looks like it ! B-)
  • Well now it is frustrating, I have everything to build my LXR and I have been waiting for that since 6 month aaannnd my right hand is under a ton of bandages… Had an accident and won't be able to wield a soldering iron before 1 or two month… damn…
  • Thats torture! Looking at the kit and not being able to finish it, you definately need two healthy hands or a helper, maybe you can give somenone instructions, four eyes see more than just two and you might not doing that much mistakes... ; )
  • ooow that's bad luck :(
    I wish you a good and fast recovery!
  • Thanks!
    In the meantime, I'm reading the assembly instructions again and again. 
    At least, I will know it it by heart and be prepared!

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