606 stylish snare and kick with the LXR

Hi, does anyone tried to get a 606 stylish snare and kick with the LXR?
Without samples? ;)



  • I tried it a little bit for one of the sound demos in my soundcloud playlist.
    But I modeled it after a 606 VST ;)
    unfortunately I don't have the patch anymore :(
  • I thought your 606 sounded really nice in those examples Julian! Too bad you do not have the patch. I managed to do a pretty good 606 snare (from memory). Ill look for it. 
  • Hi Julian, yes thats bad.
    But i want to see if i get a new patch for the 606.

    If you found your patch, give me a sign!!!

  • Actually it wasnt that close, but still kind of similar. Rest of the kit is a bit wired. Was working on it with some distortion added i remember. Quite happy about the bongo on drm3 tho. 
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