Problem with changing patterns while synced to external clock

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Hi guys, first post!  Sorry that it's a complaint :/.

I built this thing 2 days ago and I freakin love it!  I built the trigger extension today and while it is really handy I am noticing a couple of problems.

1) when I have the lxr synced from an external analog clock, whenever I change patterns (on the LXR) it plays the downbeat twice, resulting in the pattern shifting by 1 compared with the other gear.  There is no reset going into the clock.

2) 32 beat output doesn't output anything.

I tried this with a couple of different clock sources/ modules that receive clocks and got the same results with each one.

Oh yeah, and I couldn't get MIDI sync to work.  It seems like that is a common problem?

I am really happy with this machine otherwise and I plan on doing some mods with the source code.  Im playing a show with it tomorrow night, Im kind of scared since I have only been messing with it for a few days but I have most of the keys memorized and I just love it so much more than my other drum machine (a volca keys) that I cant go back.


  • I don't have the trigger expansion or any analog gear that it would be useful with, but I've never had any problems with the MIDI sync. Are you using the LXR as a MIDI master or slave, and what are the input/output filtering options you have set? Try just connecting 1 thing to the LXR and go from there. MIDI troubleshooting can be tedious.
  • Thanks for responding, I was trying to set it up as a MIDI slave to my volca beats (with the MIDI out mod) but it was my first night with the unit when I posted so I had not messed with the MIDI filtering settings.  I will do this more thoroughly with the manual and post back my progress.
  • I will re-check the trigger IO problems.
    I thought It should work.

    regarding midi sync:
    - tempo is set to 0?
    - also like brendan said: check the midi filter
  • :(

    another bug confirmed.
    I can reproduce the double trigger.
    I'll try to fix it in a few days. shoul dbe something simpel...
  • Sorry that there is a bug but I am relieved that it is not a problem with just my unit.  I love this thing but I primarily want to use it with my modular so clock in is a must!
  • jep, experiencing the same with my live setup:
    elektron analog four as master clk out to lxr clk in

    random double triggers..! :(

    midi sync from analog four seems to work fine. but I need the midi out for another unit
  • Hello - first post on here. 

    I've never had any trouble with the LXR sending or receiving midi clock, but I've just started syncing it via the analog clock in, and when changing patterns it repeats the downbeat as per windspirit's first post. To be specific, it's the first four steps when running at 1ppqn. This problem exists in standard firmware 0.36 and has been replicated in Brendan Clarke's latest firmware also. Did anyone find a workaround for this?     
  • Chiming in to confirm the same. The unit double triggers upon pattern change then reverts back to the previous pattern. This pretty much makes the trigger i/o useless for my setup.
  • Hi. Same issue here with the external clock + change pattern thing. Any update? Kinda makes the whole machine useless... Thanks

  • I guess all this bugs will never be ironed out ((

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