Waveform reset clicks

i just put mine together so i'm still exploring, but i do have an idea to cut down on clickiness:

on notes where the decay overlaps with the attack of the next note, there is an audible click when the waveform resets. one way i've dealt with this in reaktor is to set a threshold for the envelope level, above which the waveform will not reset. this might give a slight variations in the attack tone with overlapping notes, but it's much less noticeable than the reset click. this would also make muting a note with a subsequent zero velocity note glitch-free.



  • Try different transient modes. IIRC some of them reset the OSC's and some of them don't. Pretty sure I was messing with some kicks the other day and was getting variation like when the oscillator isn't being reset. I forget what the relevant setting is, but the things to try would be SNP, OFS, and any of the samples (the settings above that) with the sample set to 0.
  • as far as i can tell, all oscillators reset in all modes. the OFS resets it to a non-zero point. you could use this and/or the fine frequency setting to try to get the phase to end in the same place it starts, but that sacrifices your freedom with the frequency and your hits better be evenly spaced. the click is a result of the waveform jumping immediately to zero (or OFS setting) from an arbitrary phase when the drum is triggered before the envelope has returned to zero (therefore the reset is audible, since the audible wave gets chopped while you're hearing it). its a common technical challenge with monophonic drum synthesis. i like keeping the reset. adding a logical if to avoid it if the envelope is still high is the ideal solution imo. one day i will learn enough about coding to add this myself. until then i'll just keep sequencing the decays to fall just short of the next trigger.
  • a painfull way is to use the 3 first tracks and configure the same sound on the 3. Then no waveform reset on kick overlapping each other i guess...
  • the way it should work at the moment (after looking into the code again)

    - when offset mode is selected the waveform is reset with every trigger
    - the other waveforms will only reset the osc if the volume EG value is below 0.01 (which should be silence)

  • on a closer look the envelope check seems to be commented out atm.
    I have to check my changelog if this was done for a reason or happened by accident :-.
  • oh cool! nice to have my ears validated, and to know that the function is already there. curious to hear more...
  • any news here? i see that the filter reset clicks have been fixed in the latest update but overlapping envelopes still click. was it commented out in order to fix some other issue?
  • i'm also trying to find an answer on this. the problem with clicks extends to other areas - for example, setting an LFO on a Voice Level with a Saw waveform creates lots of clicks (I even checked a wav of a recorded part with these settings and indeed the waveforms don't reset and just jump values)
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