NRPN on Mod dest and LFO dest

Hi there,
i am currently building a lemur template for ios and the template is working fine with all the CC and NRPN-Messages for voice 1 by now. (See attached file.)

I have also implemented a user programmable randomizer in lemur:
i choose any parameter of the current voice on display by tapping a litte button beneath the fader/knob of the wanted parameter to set his state to active. Then i set the range (%) and offset for the randomizer. After that i can press the randomize switch. I've tested this in lemur and it works like a charm :)

My motivation for further developement was going down a little after i have realized that the transmitted value for NRPN 21 (velocity mod. destination for voice1) changes the values on the lxr display in totally different manner. Same issue with NRPN 39 (LFO target for voice 1).

All other NRPN are working fine for voice 1 and i am able to control remotely all these parameters with my lemur template. Only these destinations dont want to react with the predefined behavior.

In lemur i read from a self designed textarray all destinations in a more readable way. These destinations are identical with the dst on display from the lxr. But if the lxr doesn't understand the transfered values for the correct NRPN its useless for me.

So does anyone know about this issue. I've tested the NRPN-Chain also from a Reaper (DAW) PlugIn that was able to send NRPN by faders. Same issue with lxr. After checking the firmware code on github i've seen in the corresponding MidiParser.c in function midiParser_ccHandler that the cases for CC2_TARGET_LFO(1-6) are only listed there, but doing nothing at all.  So that's the problem - perhaps?

Greetings from Berlin


  • Hi. looking for a controller template for LXR. Your sound great. I am sorry i can not hep you with your questin though. not a programmer. Is it still working for recent versions?

  • problem solved?

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