No MIDI IN anymore....

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Hi all, sorry, maybe was post in the bad section so i put it here....
I dont have anymore Midi in. Doesnt work.
I would like to know if can be the OS or obligatory hardware issue ?
Do there is a way to test the Midi In whith a multimeter ?
My first topic here :
I will be not here for a while but will be a pleasure to read you and test all when i will be back !
Thanks a lot.


  • On the hardware side I would check the optocoupler first. Search the assembly instructions for OK1, at least the 5V power supply is tested there. If you have an oscilloscope you could have a look at the input and output pins of the optocoupler.
  • ok, few months later..; It works again !
    As you told me Bassfant, i maked test the octocoupler of the midi entrance it worked well.
    Then we saw that was a problem beetween resistance and octocoupler...No link, no volts...
    I burned the PCB soldering... A bridge solded and done, works well again !
    Very happy to use it again now ;-)
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