midi question

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Im probably being stupid, I have my lxr connected via usb to my pc and am using FL Studio to sequence it, it responds to the master clock signal and plays correctly in time but if I trigger a key on the midi out all the lxr drum voices light up and I hear one voice spread across the keyboard in its according pitch. How do I trigger the other voices?


  • Ok so it turned out to be quite simple, i found a post by Xirso that explained the solution perfectly. I hope someone else might find this useful.
    • In the 'mix' sub menu of  'voice' there is a setting labelled 'NTE' which was set to "any" by default, meaning that a voice will react on any note of the selected channel. After I changed "any" to the note number I wanted (e.g C2) and then repeated this for all other voices in the kit my problem was solved.
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