LXR randomly changing sound parameters?

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Hey there,

first of all big up for the project and the community behind it!
I just bought an assembled, used LXR from ebay.

Now I have some problems. As I am new to this synth, I don't know if there are just some settings responsible for these issues, or if there is a serious problem with my model.

I made two videos showing what problems I mean:

(Strange sound changings when editing the pattern, depending on which steps are programmed. Notice the 16 step hihat sometimes missing a hit, then changing in sound when the kick is programmed)

(The kick attack changes to up to 3 different kinds of attack variations. Reminds me of analogue drum machines when the same instrument is triggered several times, but is it normal with a digital machine like this, too? Decay is also different when programming a straight 4/4 kick, especially on the first step - much longer decay... Also: Even if the attack value is set to maximum, you can still hear a very sharp attack, loud clicks on every step... Not just low frequency rumbling)

I would be happy if someone could comment on these videos, tell me if these are real issues or just results of some programming in the parameters by the previous user maybe, that I do not already know about.

Thanks a lot!! And sorry for the newbie-questions...:)


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    I think Julian programmed some of the presets with some modulation fm and lfo, so that they sound more organic. Or do you have OWL as your system?
    There also was an older thread about that...
  • I don't know about the first (hihat) problem. maybe send the preset file so I can check it out myself?
    could be a modulation routing problem...

    the 2nd one is probably due to a bug in the low pass filter. set the filter to "off" or something else than "LP" and the attack should be the same. There will be a 2nd LP filter in the next firmwre without this behaviour.
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