Pattern next bug?

When i make some patterns and chain them, save it as a performance and load that same performance another time, i notice that sometimes the first pattern doesn't go to the next pattern when slaved to midi, but instead next is set to p1. The other patterns always go to the next ones. It works fine when the lxr is not slaved via midi.


  • I've been doing some testing and I noticed this weird behavior mainly presents itself when the performance is saved while the sequencer is running. If I stop the sequencer before saving pattern chaining behaves correctly.
    Anyone else has this problem?
  • I often noticed the same behaviour. Only first step, not saving to go to second step. Didn't check the difference in saving while running the sequencer....
  • i have this problem whether i save while it's running or stopped. severely affects live performances since it has to be fixed on the fly each time
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    after more use it seems to reliably happen whenever i load a pattern or performance while the sequencer is running. if i stop before loading, it remembers the next pattern assignment as it should.

  • I have noticed this, too, but I have never been able to pin it down to something specific. Can someone post steps (from a clean card with only stock firmware) to reproduce this? I will work on this if that can be done.
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    same here... but i dont chain patterns any more so im good ;)
  • I can confirm that there is something weird with chaining.
    I saved perfomances with non-chained patterns to switch them manually in live situation. Then i load perfomance via CC0 while playing and get some patterns are ОК (not chained) and some suddenly have p1 as next. Strange. Gonna test it further with saving when seq is stopped etc.
  • Yes, this is a longstanding bug in all firmwares. At the moment, I'm working on a large rewrite of how the LXR reads pattern data in the hopes of getting rid of that "Loading .." screen and waiting to switch patterns. Chances are, this may get fixed along the way, too. Maybe a couple weeks or so to get it running and shake out any major bugs.
  • Would be great!
  • Hello Julian,
    Is that the new Firwares and always planned?

    Thank you in advance.
  • I will fix the next bug and make a LXR patch day when the current projects are finally done.
    Sorry for the long wait.

    roadmap looks a bit like this:
    - mal-2 kits -> probably next week
    - RE-303 CPU -> first boards next week
    - Malaclypse eurorack -> I hope production is finished until superbooth
    - probably a small surprise for superbooth, too :)
    - LXR Patchday

    Private life took a lot of attention over the last half year and I'm slowly getting back on track with the business side of things. Sorry for that!

  • Hi :)
    Super hoping to have the patchday under the sun: p
    The RE-303 looks like a great product.
    Strongly that I control the pcbs and processor.

  • No worries it's better late than never

  • Yeah, I'd like next pattern bug to be fixed. I can't play live properly with this bug :/

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