Altering the Penrose Gate voltage?

I've got two penrose quantizers and one thing about the module is kind of annoying.  As soon as I want to multiply my gate to several outputs with a passive mult the signal strength is often way too low to trigger any of my other modules.  I often end up having to amplify the gate signal before splitting it.

I'm not an electronics genius, but does anyone know of a simple way to modify my Penrose modules to send out a gate with a much higher voltage?  It would be super helpful.. I haven't had this problem with many other modules.

Perhaps a stronger gate level could be an upgrade in the next revision (just sayin)

Love my Penrose quantizers.



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    How recent is your build? I vaguely remember the value of a resistor was changed to raise the gate output voltage...

    Aha, found it on muff:
  • Otherwise, considered a buffered multiple?
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    buffered mult is what you want, its a current, not voltage issue.  If you mult too many destinations, the circuit cant drive the load and the voltage drops
  • I'm pretty sure I have one of the first batch.  I ordered two as soon as they were available.  I'll investigate this changed resistor.  Any idea for a good place to look? I plan to investigate build docs and compare the different versions.
  • it is just 1 resistor that has changed.
    R21 has to be reduced from 100K to 10R.
    there should be a version number on the PCB.
    starting with version 0.4 the resistor change is not neccessary anymore.
  • The latest assembly guide I see has R21 at 10k. Did you mean to type 10k?

  • Sorry, I was mistaken.

    R21, in the last assembly instructions, is shown as 1k.  

    I've got revision 0.3 - so I assume I should be looking for a fix.  
  • If you have a revision 0.3 board you have to change R21 to 10 Ohm. 1KOhm is for the newer revision.
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