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Hello everyone,
I am using the LXR now for quite some time. I was able to integrate it in my setup which consists of a DAW, a Microbrute, a Rhythm Wolf, the Volca Keys and some of the Pocket Operators. Everything works flawlessly!
There is one topic which I am still not capable of: the trigger extension board...
I have tried to sync the LittleBits Synth Kit (with a CV module) or the Volca Keys using the CLK1 output. No success. The same with the CLK2 output.
Has anyone of you ever tried to to that, too? I am still confused whether this should work or not... I can sync the Synth Kit or the Volca Keys or the Pocket Operators using the Rhythm Wolf or the Volca Keys. So: are the outputs of the trigger extension different?
Thank you very much for all your answers!


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    I use the clock outputs for the volca sample and the monotribe and they work great. The only thing is that you have to set the clock outputs of the LXR to 4 ppq, and set the volca to half speed (once a step) but looking at the manual of the volca keys it lacks that function.....  :-<

    Did you also add the s-trig option? If so, check if the clock out is set to s-trig, they won't respond to that. I made that mistake in the beginning lol.

    Otherwise you could use the midi out of the lxr for the volca, and use that to sync the rest.
  • Hi and thank you for your answer!

    I've got a few additional questions: When you are talking about the clock output to 4ppq, you mean "Trigger Output 1/2 PPQ", am I right? I have also set the "Trigger in PPQ" to "4", is that right?

    Which S-Trigger option are you referring to? I was not able to find that option...

    Last question: is your LXR the "master" in your setup? Because I am using it as a slave, MIDI Routing M2M, MIDI Filter set to "R"

    I am a little bit desperate, because the settings I have just explained show no reaction on my VOLCA Keys or my Microbrute...

    BTW: MIDI out works perfectly! But I am afraid that my Trigger Extension does not work at all...

    Thank you for your answer!

  • Trigger In PPQ is for the clock input to sync the LXR to external clock signals.
    The PPQ setting will only influence the speed of the clock the LXR will send out.
    Have you ever used the Trigger outs sucessfully before so we can rule out a hardware fault?

  • This is exactly the point: I was not able to use the Trigger outs successfully so far... Is there a way to measure?
  • the trigger outs generate a short 5V signal on the outputs which can be measured.

    have you stuffed all 10 of the metal bridges?
  • Hi Julian! I have decided to re-solder all V-Triggers and guess what: problem solved! I can now control all of my devices using the CLK outputs! Really great, especially the fact that I can manually adjust the ppq! Thank you all for your answers!
  • Posting here because it's related... Julian or someone, what is the RST (reset) output supposed to do, electrically?

    On my unit, what I'm seeing is an output around +1V when the transport is NOT running, and the output falls to 0V when you hit Play.

    What I was expecting was a short +5V trigger pulse right when I hit Play, preferably a moment earlier than the first clock edge (so that my slave device would be reset in time for the first clock to trigger Beat 1).

    Do I have an assembly problem, or is this an implementation problem?  Or is the observed behavior correct according to somebody's intentions?

    Thanks :)
  • This behaviour is definetely correct. As long as the sequence is running the signal is low (0V), if the sequence stops the signal is high (1V). This is necessary when slaving other sequencers to a "master", which delivers the clock signal and you intend a corresponding behaviour. A reset is neither a CV nor a Gate/trigger pulse.
  • I'm OK with the timing of the behavior; indeed a transition from high to low on start will give the correct result.

      My only concern then is that +1V isn't very high; in fact it's too low to register on any of my devices that expect +5V logic signals.  For these devices, the reset signal would need to be higher than +2.5V, and preferably +5V.

    Does anyone know if the RST output voltage is set digitally (is it a PWM output) or by a fixed resistor value?

  • RST should be +5V. I have just measured it on my device. So there is something wrong with your trigger extension.
    One thing I noticed: directly after start-up the RST signal is 0V, only after pressing play and stop, the signal is +5V.
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