Can't get analog clock input to work

edited August 2015 in Troubleshooting
I bought this assembled unit has the trigger extension.

The trigger outputs work great. However, I'm not sure whether or not there is an issue with the trigger in. I have the bpm set to 0, and I've sent all sorts of analog signals from various modular synths into the trigger in, but nothing happens. is there something additional that needs to be done.


  • for whatever reason mine only clock off the "reset in" jack, have you tried plugging into that?
  • hmmmm - the reset input does seem to function as a clock. Interesting. What does that mean? Is that a hardware issue, or a software issue, or am I simply misinterpreting what these inputs should? In which case how does the clock input function? Anyone else?
  • seems like a mixup of the enclosure print :-.
    I'll try to make 'em swapable with the next firmware
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