LXR - CC MIDI Automation

Hey gang,

Has anyone managed to send CC midi messages to LXR so as  to change for example Osc Coarse,etc? I have spent so much time in Cubase and still haven't managed to do it. All my settings seems to be correct.


  • I don't work with a DAW, but I don't have any problem sending CC from my octatrack. Things to check:
    - USB MIDI vs. the MIDI DIN jacks
    - MIDI input filter is set to something with 'C' or 'all'
    - The LXR's global channel is set to the same one cubase is sending on

    Also, are you using a custom firmware or stock (.36)?
  • I am using the stock firmware. Actually I have noticed that setting global MIDI channel at 10 or 15 doesn't work. But if I set global channel at 1 it works perfectly. Kind of weird...

    By the way, have you managed to record midi messages for morph or start/stop?
  • cool, glad to hear that's working :) I vaguely remember some midi cc weirdness being one of the motivations for changing the MIDI layout in my custom firmware.

    As far as the stock firmware goes, there isn't any MIDI implementation for morph - it can only be controlled from the 'perf' menu screen. I'm not sure what you mean by recording start/stop messages.

    If you want to come down the rabbit hole, the MIDI implementation in my custom firmware has Morph mapped to the Mod Wheel (CC1) of the global channel. But everything else is different, too - the voice CC's are addressed by their assigned channels, rather than all being on the global channel (and there are no more NRPN params). So it might be a steep learning curve.
  • Well I have to try it i suppose.

    By start/stop messages  i mean midi messages sent to start (or stop) playing LXR at specific time and not when cubase's transport starts playing.
  • So just to make it clear. You can send CC automation messages to LXR but you can't record a CC automation message (for example by turning  the knob for course oscillation) so as to send it to an external gear. In other words, you can receive CC messages in LXR but you can't send CC messages from LXR. Am i right?

    Actually it would be really useful if Julian was participating to our discussion. It's been a while that I am trying to understand what is going on with CC messages. 
  • I noticed, that the LXR recieve Midi CC Data only when i set the Global Midi Channel to 1. When i set the (global) channel to 2 - 16 nothing happened. (Yes, the DAW was also set to Channel 2 - 16 to sent the Data on the correct channel ;) ) Is that a bug or a feature? I didnt find anything about that in the manual / wiki. Greetings
  • yes please make the thingsd clear with the CC behavior .

  • Hello is that the problem CC also goes back on firmware 0.37?
    My lxr does not receive the CC of the octatrack

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