bug : kit morph value wrap around


i noticed last night.
if you increase value quickly on kit morph , it'll go through 240,250 and into 00 (wrapping around )
if you increase slowly it stops at 255
if you decrease quickly down to 0 it stops at zero, it doesnt jump to 255 etc.

i'm not sure which i'd prefer , ability to wrap from 255 to 0 and back, or it stopping at 255 and 0. at least wrapping round gives quick changes and less knob turning.

i also noticed (though it may be caused by the kits i had loaded) , values from 80 to 90 ish produces some odd noises when the number changed , like a very short glitch or something.mostly if they were scrolled through quickly.

latest stock firmware,.


  • yeah I noticed this too, it does it only when you're changing from the encoder. The code only stops incrementing AT 255, it doesn't check that the current value + increment might be greater, so the uint8_t for morph overflows if you've turned the encoder more than a single click. It's a special case that got missed, all the other params go to 127 but are stored as uint8_t's also, so they never experience the same overflow... Well, I guess if you turn the encoder REALLY fast ... (don't try this at home) >:)

    I'm pretty sure I fixed this in my FW. I doubt there are any cases when you'd want it to value-wrap, it would be likely to cause very sudden changes in sound.
  • yeh i only noticed it on this parameter. no biggy...more important things to deal with.
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