idea for Euclidean pattern generator

it would be cool if the pattern generator used the substeps, not just the steps, so the resolution would be 128 per bar instead of 16. this way you could get closer to dividing a bar by 5 for example. i have no need for more than 16 events, 128 on the knob would be really fiddly. if you were just trying to do 16 or less it would all be in the first 1/8 rotation. i guess there could be an option.

while i'm at it, the pattern generator seems to cause the track's position in time to slip when you play with the length. for instance, if i set steps to 4, and then move the length knob around and go back to 16, the hits are clearly not sounding on 1, 5, 9, and 13 even though they are placed on those steps. this offset affects any events on that track until the sequencer is stopped and started. imo the pattern generator should always update to reflect the sequencer position, not just follow the realtime knob movements.


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