BUG or DEFECT? Rows on display switch places after reboot

Hi all,

I got me a LXR a few days ago after lusting for one for 2 years or so..
The kit was an easy build (I have quite some soldering experience) and everything went smoothly. Let me say that after running into trouble I checked my soldering very thoroughly. Also there is insulating tape under my display AND under the MIDI sockets, so no short possible. The display itself is held in place by two additional standoffs, the display connector is safe and sound. All in all I would say this is a very decent and clean soldering job.
Oh, and I use the 0.36 firmware.

Here is my problem:

Sometimes the LXR will not boot properly, the rows on the display will be in the wrong order.
The first page is usually somewhat like this:

COA fin wav
   31 63  Sin

but on my machine it will sometimes be like this:

  31  63  Sin
COA fin wav

This will of course mess up the menu behaviour somewhat, also it is kind of confusing and annoys me a great deal.

It does get worse, though:

Sometimes the display will just show utter garbage. It will always look the same, but it is totally unreadable. Imagine throwing every ASCII symbol iyou can think of in one box - now shake, stirr and tumble that box for one hour and you´re getting close. This renders the LXR unusable.
Sometimes with the next reboot everything will be fine again, sometimes it takes 5-10 reboots to get a readable screen again.
The synth will make sounds though - pressing Play and putting a note on a stepp will work.

After checking for hardware "defects" I am beginning to think this might be software related. Here´s why: I use 0.36. When I use the FIRMWARE.BIN V0.21 that is in the SD-Card-Image zipfile which is linked in the build manual, I dont get the weird row switcheroo, EVER. Believe me, I tried.

I have noticed, however, that regardless of which firmware I use, directly after power on the rows on the diplay will "fight" about which one gets to be on top. With 0.21 the display says:

Sonic Potions
LXR Drums V0.21

and THEN the second row will go to the top, (deleting Sonic Potions and blanking out the second row), only to move to the bottom very shortly after.

with 0.36 both rows will always be visible, but switching randomly 2 times (unless I get the garbage screen, which is the third option).


I know this is very confusing and I am having a hard time describing all this so you can understand it, but I wonder if I am the only one experiencing these weird problems. 
I have includes 3 photos to show what I mean.

I should mention that the problem is there even when the mainboard is NOT plugged in!

Thank you for your input,



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    Seems Paulus has the exact same problems with the garbage shown on the display:
    See this thread

    I am beginning to think that maybe one of the components might be faulty. I hope it is not the display!
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