Save/Load bug

Similar to the Pattern Next bug:

Certain sequencer steps are loading with incorrect values even if I clear
and save over them with different values. For instance I have a step
that always loads with an automated decay of 74, which I cannot
successfully erase from the performance. It appears to save without the
automation, but then loads back up with the automation on the step. Very
frustrating as I will not be able to include this pattern in my live
set tomorrow unless I want a long loud bass drum sustaining through the
subwoofers. Another track in the same pattern loads a step with a
velocity of 100 no matter how many times I save it with a velocity of 0.

I stop the sequencer before loading, everything loads correctly. Not an
option for me live. I love this thing but I'm going to have to start
using an external sequencer if these bugs don't get fixed.


  • I was able to save the performance to a different location and then fix the steps, and they seem to have stayed. While I was doing this, I noticed that if I loaded the new performance while the old buggy performance was playing, it inherited the problems. I deleted the old performance and it seems to be fine now, but this bug is clearly a workflow-stopping annoyance and needs to be addressed.
  • I'll have to test further to see if values are consistently getting inherited from the previously playing pattern.
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