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Just found another video online :)


  • the name is a bit missleading. its not poison, its a potion ;-)
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    another one

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    How is the bassline accomplished?  Do you edit the pitch in step mode?
  • Wow, I am even more excited.  This thing does way more than just drums! Nice.
  • both not my videos. they are from some guys over at the
  • @adm what do you mean? you can set midi note numbers for each step to play melodic stuff (with shift button or in step edit mode)
  • Hi!
    The bassline and melody stuff is accomplished by setting the notes in the pattern, and note shifted in step mode. I used the first three drum tracks as they are nothing more than basic synths. :)
  • I'm down with a cold right now. Easy things confuse me. #-o
  • aaaand another one

  • here we go :)

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    How do i embed youtube videos?
    just post the link like that?:

    edit: didn't work :) meh
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    hmmm don't know why it does not want your link.
    Its exactly the same way I embedded mine.

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  • @loderbast
    YAY! PicAxe Rulez!!
  • I think I have to do something against the double triggering while recording quantized ;)
  • that would be really nice, julian.
    i was going to write to you about that.

  • I think this weekend I will have some time to do some coding again ;)
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    there is something else i noticed:

    i would like a "gated" instead of triggered behaviour for some drums.
    (specially the hihat to play open/closed with one button)
    to work around the fact that the LXR only triggers the drums i tried sending a cc for the decay togeter with the note on/off (decay = 127 with note on and decay = 30 with note off)

    that does not work. (i tried with closed hihat and snare)
    it seems to me that it is not possible to change the decay in real time (while the env is running), but only when a drum is triggered. i guess is has to do with the way the envelopes are calculated.

    this is only important when using something like my button thingy or mpc-pad-like controller anyways.
    i will think about another workaround for that.
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    linking doesn't work for me either?  
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    fixed your post.
    you have to write it like this : "http:// www. youtube. com/watch?v=lo8PG0PQFUA"
    I just added spaces so it will not automatically show the video...
    You have to remove the additional parameters after the URL..
    yours was "http:// www. watch?v=lo8PG0PQFUA&"
  • cool! Thanks Julian
  • I have not had time to record a video, but I leave a live concert I gave yesterday in a friends room.

    Rhythmic bases: LXR and Anushri
    Sunyh: Suthri and Nord Modular G2
    Clock midi: Midipal

    I am very happy because I did not porblemas with LXR in their first job out of the study.

    Hope you like

  • Cool! I really enjoyed listening to that. Got to hear it again later.
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    one more quick video cheaply recorded in photobooth:

    voice 2 is routed to L1 output into the EHX Hazarai for a bit of delay. 
    nothing fancy
  • Very tasty, my friend. I hope to be done today
  • sispac love what you did there!

    Buenisima la musica!
  • :) thanks varthdader
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    Happened to be recording while jamming with a friend last night. Not very complex, but great to loop and take a jog.

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