• Nice jams!
    I like the last one especially.
    Well done!
  • Thanks Mobius! :)
  • haha this is great!
    I love this silly stuff.
    reminds me of HgIchT
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    An other little LXR Jam

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    Hi there,

    I did a little electronic jam last weekend with my LXR.
    You can watch it here:

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    // TECHNO jam #1 with LXR and Octatrack //

    ALL sounds come to LXR!!!! No sampling, all realtime, custom patch, just
    some FX and Filters (dark reverb, echo, filter) with octatrack.


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    // TECHNO jam #2 with LXR and Octatrack //

  • woohoo!
  • another very nice one

  • Gesendet von meinem XT1039 mit Tapatalk

  • I made a quick jam:

    All sounds are LXR run thru a kaoss pad for reverb.
    Yo, this is an entrancing little number
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    An other Tekkkno Jam with the great LXR.
    I really like this machine a lot.

  • Great with the direct audio recordings instead of phone mic demos.  :)
  • Small Ambient jam with Sonic Potion LXR and Music From Outer Space WSG.
    DIY im action! :)

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    I just did a gig on the 10th using an LXR, Octatrack, and Virus TI. No video of what my fingers are actually doing, but I did get the whole 45 minute set down in audio, and some shots of very pretty lasers :)

    Very happy with how this setup works - and I always get the lots of comments from people impressed with the LXR :)


    YouTube, Download, and Soundcloud links at the above!
  • An other Jam, trying out the new delicious filter „LP2“ and the sample function by using a little piano sample.

  • A little weekend knob twiddling. Just LXR and Waldorf Rocket for sounds. Virus and EHX Cathedral FX.


  • Little Acid Jam with LXR and MAM MB33 II.
    Happy Advent Season!

  • Cool Tracks and a nice setup! :-bd
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    here some  Elektro Boogie Beats:

  • Hello guys,

    I just uploaded a video I recorded for a gig with Ceephax in december 2015.
    featuring the mighty LXR, two Shruthis and an homemade spring/piezo stompbox running through the filter of one Shruthi.
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    jomox 888 VS. LXR (Beats)

  • nice midirausch videos. what is the machine to your left side? (which looks a bit like waldorf xt)
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    a Waldorf Q:-)
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    Here is a little live-jam with LXR, MAM MB33-II and MFOS WSG.
    Everything is triggered by LXR.
    Have fun!

  • I would like to share a little Electro jam with SP LXR, MFOS WSG and MAM MB33 II, which I did past weekend.

    Have fun!

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