Save midi channel and note infos with kit + question about recording

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Hi fellow LXR users,

Still more than happy with my LXR, since its build, it has become the center of my studio and my live performance.

I managed to use it as a sequencer for one of my Shruthi, but I always have some trouble setting the midi up.
When I save the midi channel of ,let's say, my clap (which is the track I'll use to sequence the Shruthi), it is always saved as a global setting for all the Kits. 
What would be better is to save the midi setting and note infos of each track/instrument only with the kit. 
Right now, I always end up re-doing all these settings each time I switch from my studio to my solo live or my band. Am I missing something?

Another question that the intensive live practice of the LXR has brought to me:
I In my live set, I tend to write patterns in my DAW, send them to the LXR live, but always end up jamming on top of it during the performance. That's why I write basic minimal patterns that can give me this freedom in my live.
Right now, when I press record, the LXR writes the notes I am jamming on its sequencer as well as the notes coming from the midi in.
Would it be possible to tell the LXR only to record notes from the internal sequencer and not recording those coming in from my DAW?

I must mention that I never tried to look at the firmware, but if someone could point me in the right direction, it would be great!
Oh and here is my firmware version: 0.34-b-c

cheers guys!


  • Afaik, after 0.36 it should be possible to set the input filter to sync and continue, so the internal sequencer will be started and stopped by the DAW, but not more.
    To the MIDI save option someone else should advise, as i use this box in a fix studio setup for quite a time, as it is one of the second batch. I never used it to sequence other stuff, but i think with one of the newer software revisions (or hacked?) this should be possible too... 
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